The Home of Super Seagulls!

Our vision at Silver Bay is to embrace and develop the unique abilities of each student through compelling, creative learning experiences. We aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment and instill a sense of pride and self-worth in each student.

Our commitment to the students, parents, and community of Silver Bay remains to be at the forefront of our mission. Working collaboratively with the local businesses, the fire department, and having an open line of communication between home and school continues to be our focus. We strive to help develop and build our students' learning experiences through our community and a student focused environment.

We are excited to be working with the state promoting the Positive Behavior Support in Schools (PBSIS) initiative. This is our third year. As a result of our many successes with this program, our school was recognized as a Showcase School last year. Our partnership with Rutgers University has helped us increase positive student conduct, increase available instructional time, and to create environments conducive to including students with disabilities and behavior support needs. The students and staff at Silver Bay have enjoyed the exciting and new activities that are taking place.

Welcome to Silver Bay! Watch Us Soar!