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Morgans Message North and South lacrosse
May 3, 2024-- Yesterday, the High School South and High School North girls lacrosse teams came together to show unity for mental health awareness in athletes.

HSS junior Madeline Krohn  organized the game for a movement called Morgan's Message. Morgan Rodgers was a heavily-recruited lacrosse player from Virginia who went on to play Division I lacrosse at Duke University. Morgan endured some trying times as an athlete including a career-shattering injury. She was unable to ask for help with her mental struggles, and ultimately suffered in silence. She lost her battle with the struggle in July of 2019.

Players shared uplifting and positive words of encouragement to honor the purpose of Morgan's Message. The teams also had support from Board of Education members Jennifer Howe and Melissa Morrison, who were in attendance for the event, along with HSS Assistant Principal Christopher Peck.

"It was really heartwarming to hear the players talk about the community, and how even though they are rivals, they still have to look out for each other," said Howe. "It was fantastic."

South coach Tara Murray played a big role in the initiative, and both teams acknowledged others who made the event possible through donations, including board member Anna Polozzo, Ron Layock, Kate Beck, Howe, Kristin Lombardi, and local businesses like Party Fair and Enfuse Environmental. A true team effort contributing to a worthy cause.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.