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Toms River Warriors flag football team

Sept. 28, 2022-- The Toms River (TR) Warriors inspirational flag football team is off to pretty good start midway through its initial campaign.

The Warriors have completed their first four games of the season with victories over Toms River High School East (which did, it should be noted, help train the Warriors, see left), High School South, and High School North football teams, as well as HSN's baseball team.

"Thanks to the players and head coaches Sandberg, Martin, Oz , and Pagano for helping bring such success to the first half of the season," said HSN teacher and Toms River Field of Dreams founder Christian Kane.

The TR Warriors season concludes with three games against Shore Regional Oct. 3, Rutgers University Oct. 10, and Central Regional High School Oct. 17. All games start at 6:30 at the RWJBH Field of Dreams.