Employee Assistance Program

One Source EAP Connections 

  • Celebrating Resilience!

    During the height of COVID-19, we were all uprooted from our normal lives. For some, the adjustment has already taken place, for others it is in progress or is just beginning. Adjustment is a process and there are several ways you can actively build your own resilience.
  • Getting Back to Something Like “Normal”

    Due to recent CDC guidance regarding masks and fully vaccinated individuals, we are now seeing COVID-19 restrictions being lifted. Our lives are suddenly opening up and we're all exploring our “new normal.”
  • 2021: A Reason for Hope

    The new year normally gives us a sense of a fresh start, which is certainly needed now. Everywhere we turn in the news, social media and in our neighborhoods, the key word for 2021 is “hope.”
  • Coping with the Holidays During COVID-19

    The holidays are just around the corner. During the holidays, we normally experience a range of emotions from excitement and joy to stress and loneliness. 
  • Fight Back Against Traumatic Stress

    2020 has been filled with the kind of trauma most of us have never faced. The good news is these are all normal reactions and you can fight back! Click for tips on how to deal with traumatic stress and anxiety.
  • Re-Opening: Are You Emotionally Ready?

    Feelings of stress and anxiety are common as the current circumstances are legitimately stressful. However, there are ways we can stay safe, both physically and emotionally.
  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month

    Every year, millions of Americans struggle with extreme stress, anxiety, and depression, which impacts their ability to live their best life. One Source EAP has tools to help you, not just survive, but thrive!
  • Staying Connected In the New Reality

    One Source EAP stands ready to help you manage the stress and anxiety that comes with our current world. We’ve added services to our portfolio to help you work through your concerns confidentially, anytime, anywhere.
  • A Change Would Do You Good

    Those are the times when we need ways to cope with change and maybe even some help from the One Source EAP to get a little bit closer to feeling fine.
  • Find Your Balance

    Harmonizing your personal and professional responsibilities is called work-life balance. Losing your sense of balance creates the potential for burnout and other stress related problems.