Toms River Regional Schools Hall of Fame

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2009 Hall of Fame Inductees

About the Hall of Fame

The honorees of the Toms River Hall of Fame are graduates and attendees of Toms River Regional Schools that have gone on to be great influences in their chosen fields of study. Past honorees have included those in the areas of business, education, law enforcement, music, speech/language, economics, television, and journalism.

Hall of Fame Trustees

  • John Coleman
  • Robert Garthwaite
  • John Garrabrant
  • Kim General
  • Irene Hartmann
  • Manuel Hirshblond
  • Lin Lloyd III - Chairperson
  • Debra McKenna
  • Douglas Polhemus
  • Robert Roma
  • Dr. Jeffrey Schenker
  • Charlotte Ford Spillane
  • Leonard Stanziano
  • Bonnie Blume - Banquet Advisor

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