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On February 24, 1987, Charlotte Ford Spillane, Assistant Principal of Toms River High School South, obtained approval of the Board of Education of the Toms River Regional Schools to found a Toms River Schools Hall of Fame to honor those who had attended or graduated from the public schools of Toms River and who had made significant contributions to the cause of humanity in their various fields of endeavor. A Board of Trustees was formed with thirteen members, each of whom had either graduated from Toms River or had been employed in the school system for a long period of time. Responsibilities of the trustees would be to research possible candidates, to manage financial support, to collect memorabilia and other gifts, and to organize a display of the honorees.

Now Seeking Nominations

The Toms River Regional Schools Hall of Fame Trustees are currently seeking nominations for the May 2011 Hall of Fame induction.

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