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Nancy Hudson Aaberg

The Toms River Schools Hall of Fame is pleased to have this opportunity to recognize Nancy Hudson Aaberg's achievements in and contributions to the field of education. The list of positions she has held and the responsibilities those positions have entailed are clear clues to how those who work with her view her as both a leader and facilitator for positive change.

Having graduated in 1969 from Toms River High School following a distinguished career as a scholar, student leader, and athlete, Nancy majored in math at Gettysburg College, receiving her degree in 1973. After graduation, Nancy returned to teach at Toms River South from 1973 to 1975. Then, the challenge of far away places took her to Lindhurst High School in Marysville, California, where she taught, coached, and served as Athletic Director from 1975 to 1983. In 1983 Nancy became a math teacher at Yuba City High School. She completed the work for her master's degree at the University of California, Davis Campus, and continued graduate study there over the course of five summers.

Over this span of time, Nancy was a math teacher. Like most teachers, Nancy undertook those other duties that teachers perform. She coached field hockey and girls' basketball at Toms River South, girls' softball at Lindhurst, and field hockey at Yuba City. At Lindhurst, coaching led to her appointment as Director of Student Activities, 1978-1981, as well as High School Athletic Director from 1976-1983.

In her second year at Yuba City High School, Nancy was honored and recognized by being named Mathematics Coordinator for the Yuba City Unified School District, an 11,000 student school district in Northern California. Her responsibility was to lead and assist the teachers K-12 in such areas as teaching strategies, staff development sessions, study groups, evaluating student performance, curriculum development, and textbook and program implementation.

Ultimately, her leadership in these responsibilities led to her appointment as Interim Director for the Northern California Mathematics Project at the University of California, Davis Campus in 1984. Her responsibility was to be of service to teachers of grades K-14 in a thirteen county region to increase math knowledge and awareness of math related issues through staff development, seminars, summer institutes, and study groups.

Then in 1994, Nancy became Project Coordinator for the Transportation Demand Project, a school development project co-funded by the California Departments of Transportation and Education and housed in the California Department of Education in Sacramento. The purpose of the project is to create in high school classrooms a relevant curriculum in math and other curriculum areas. The issue of transportation is the focus so that students become better consumers and make more informed decisions about transportation and related issues of public policy.

In 1995, Nancy became the Leadership Coordinator for Math Matters, assuming responsibility for leadership in a National Science Foundation grant. The project supported some 2,000 teachers working in low income schools and assisted them in math knowledge and teaching effectiveness.

We must add to the list of achievements and responsibilities Nancy's work in the field of developing videos useful for bringing concepts of math and the teaching of math to both teachers and parents. Math Matters for Your Child (1997) is a video Nancy edited to assist parents with the math education of their children. Another video she edited was Math Matters, directed toward teachers, parents, and school administrators. Nancy was both the writer and the host for the video Math Currents, the writer and guest host for several episodes of Geometry Integrated Throughout Mathematics in Grades 7-12. and the writer and guest host for several episodes of Parent Power Math. The Home-School Connection.

Additionally, Nancy has been an adjunct math teacher for Yuba City College from 19a9 to the present. She is co-author of Math Stories for Problem Solving Success. published by the Center for Applied Research. In 1992 Nancy was recognized as the Outstanding Director of Athletics for Northern California by the California Association of Directors of Athletics.

Nancy continues to seek professional challenges. Her newest responsibilities, starting this school year, include being Curriculum Director of Secondary Education for the Yuba City Schools and Director of Student Assessment.

The implications that such a record establishes are profound. They indicate that Nancy is an outstanding teacher and coach, that she is an excellent leader of her peers, and that she, as a person, radiates responsibility, broad and varied talent, and the unassailable image of someone who will get the job done right. In talking about the importance of math, Nancy said, "It opens doors for people. It is, with other skills like reading, writing, and speaking, basic to one's progress. It is a springboard into career areas."

Nancy and her husband, Bob, are proud parents of two children, Kevin and Kristen. The family is active in their church and community. Mary Ellen Hudson, Nancy's mother, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000. Now, with Nancy's induction, they constitute the first mother-daughter combination in the history of the Toms River Schools Hall of Fame.

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