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Todd G. Buchholz

Todd Buchholz, Valedictorian of the Class of 1979, Toms River South, is being inducted into the Toms River Schools Hall of Fame for the excellence he has displayed in a variety of fields and activities.

After graduation from Toms River, Todd earned his BA in Economics, summa cum laude, at Bucknell University. During his time of study at Bucknell, Todd was named Harry S. Truman Scholar for New Jersey in 1981. He then earned his JD, cum laude, at Harvard Law School in 1986. In that same year he was named a Rotary Club Scholar. Subsequent to Harvard he continued his studies at Cambridge University in England, where he earned a Master of Philosophy in Economics in 1987.

From 1989 to 1992, Todd served as Associate Director for Economic Policy at the White House, where he developed policies in a variety of areas, including international trade law, taxes, telecommunications, energy, and transportation. In that capacity he coordinated cabinet-level meetings and prepared decision memoranda for the President and for the Secretary of Treasury.

He has, over an extended period of time, contributed importantly to the discussion of economic issues by his article writing, his television activities, and his books. He is a contributing editor to Worth magazine and has written articles for such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, the Journal of Law and Religion, the Cato Journal, Reader's Digest, the Los Angeles Times, Thought, and the Washington Times. He has been an advisor to ABC News with appearances on ABC's World News Tonight and Nightline, as well as on CNN, CNBC, and the PBS NewsHour. He has debated Lester Thurow, international economic authority, and Presidential Advisor Joseph Stiglitz, both on National Public Radio. In 1990 he delivered a lecture at the White House Library entitled "Clarity, Honesty, and Modesty in Economics." And he has been a keynote speaker before such groups as the Chase Bank and the Conference Board.

Todd's books, already translated into a dozen languages, are used in many universities, including Harvard, Brigham Young, and Emory University of Atlanta. The New York Times spoke most favorably of the author and his book in reviewing From Here to Economy. The Associated Press reviewed New Ideas from Dead Economists under the caption "Economics Can Be Delightful" and said Buchholz "lights up economics with a sparkling wit." Harper Collins has just published his new book Market Shock to enthusiastic reviews, including one from Business Week, which called it "gripping" and "enjoyable." Another career of note can be seen in the fact that Todd taught economics at Harvard, where he was awarded the Allyn Young Teaching Prize by Martin Feldstein, one of the nation's leading economists.

Todd was a founder and President of the G7 Group, Inc., an international financial consulting firm, whose clientele includes many of the top securities traders, investment banks, and hedge fund managers in New York, London, and Tokyo. Under Todd's direction, G7 Group, Inc. produced the G7 Daily Briefing, which was read by officials at the Federal Reserve Board and the German Bundesbank, as well as by such private clients as Soros Funds and Goldman Sachs.

Currently, Todd is President of Victoria Capital, which advises some of the world's leading investment funds on global strategies. In addition Todd manages a foreign exchange portfolio for the proprietary trading arm of a major international investment bank. He is a former Managing Director of Tiger Management L.L.C., a $20 billion hedge fund. Let us add two more areas of consequential involvement. First, Todd is a family man, living in the nation's Capitol with his wife Debby and their two children. And, second, he is also someone who gives of himself to his community, for he volunteers to prepare meals for Martha's Table, a group that feeds those in Washington, D.C., who cannot feed themselves.

And so we add to the rolls of our Toms River Schools Hall of Fame someone who is an economist, a teacher, a writer, author of both books and articles on issues of critical importance, a consultant and advisor to the highest realms of government and the economy, an idea man, a man on the cutting edge of what may well be the most important area of human concern at this juncture in history.

Such promise at the start of a career betokens even greater achievement in the future.

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