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Johanna Wells-Smith

Throughout her life, Mrs. Wells-Smith has been a positive force for good in the community. Known as "Mrs. PTA" for her vigorous involvement with the schools, she also was the primary force behind the Head Start program in the county. In addition to her many church activities, especially the Helping Hands group at the Presbyterian Church, Mrs. Wells-Smith continued to foster her concern about young people through her activities in the N.A.A.C.P. and by being appointed to serve on the Dover Township Juvenile Conference Committee.

Mrs. Wells-Smith worked as a practical nurse at the Point Pleasant Hospital for eight years after which she worked as a private duty nurse for the Homemaker Service. Whe was awarded Women of the Year from the Economics Extension Agricultural Council and made an Honorary Member of the League of Women Voters. At 83, she is still active in helping others through her church activities.

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