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John C. Bartlett

John Bartlett is a life-long resident of Ocean County as a student, teacher, associate professor, councilman, Mayor and Freeholder. He was born in Lakewood, NJ, and has been a resident of Pine Beach, NJ, since 1947. His father owned a television sales and repair business in the area, named Bartlett and Brown, where John worked as he was growing up.

He attended Toms River Regional Schools from kindergarten to grade 12, even having a kindergarten class in a room of the old Board Office building. Later, he actually had a class from Ocean County College in the same room! In first grade John went to the brand new Pine Beach Elementary School and began his move through to his high school graduation from Toms River High School in 1965. John remembers Olga Brands as his most influential teacher and exclaims that, "Toms River Schools sewed me well."

College was the next challenge for John Bartlett. In 1965 through 1966, he chose to attend Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina, so he could see the "South in transition," but quickly found out he didn't want to see that much of it first hand. The next year he attended Ocean County College and graduated in the inaugural class with an Associates Degree in 1967. From there, he attended Western Maryland College in the South, but not as far south as South Carolina, and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in 1969, earning department hours in political science. His interest in political science led him to the State University of Albany in New York (SUNY), where he graduated from the Graduate School of Public Affairs with a Masters Degree in Political Science. It was here that John met his wife, Peggy, whom he married and settled with, raising a son and daughter, in Pine Beach, NJ, in 1972.

John Bartlett next decided he wanted to teach and completed his student teaching with David Correll, and then earned his first job replacing Robert Gressing. John became a teacher at Toms River High School North, where he worked until he retired in 2000 after 25 years of experience. He successfull taught American History, Economics, World Affairs, and 2oth Century History. His 20t ) : Century History class was a very popular elective, due to the vigor, energy, dedication and enthusiasm of the teacher.

A life in politics became a calling for John, beginning in 1974 when he was elected a borough councilman in Pine Beach. In 1978, he became Mayor of Pine Beach and, by 1979, he ran for the position of Ocean County Freeholder, winning and never looking back. For more than 25 years, John has been an Ocean County Freeholder and has sewed as Director in 1982, 1988, 1992 and 1997. He also sewed as Deputy Director in 2002 and 2004. In 2003, he sewed as Vice President of the Southern New Jersey Freeholders Association. Currently, he is the senior member of the Board and is the Chairman of the county's Department of Finance and Parks and Recreation.

John Bartlett is most proud of his work in regard to the Ocean County Parks System and his work with the Ocean County Budget. John, "Builds the county budget from the revenue side," which we all wish was the case for our NJ State budget as well as the US Federal budget.

During his years as a Freeholder, John has worked closely with department heads and administration to produce fiscally sound county budgets that provide the necessary services to Ocean County residents. He has overseen the growth of 22 different county parks and golf courses. In addition, he has supported the Ocean County Natural Lands Trust Fund, approved by voters in 1997, which has resulted in more than 8,300 acres of environmentally sensitive lands and farmlands being preserved in the county.

John Bartlett has two children who graduated from Toms River High School South. His son, John (Jay) Bartlett, graduated as valedictorian in 1994 and continued on to graduate from Georgetown University. Today, he is Director of the Public Finance Department of Citigroup Global Markets Inc. in New York City. His daughter, Margaret (Meg) Bartlett, graduated as salutatorian in 1996, continuing on to graduate from Georgetown University and Columbia Law School. Today, she is an attorney in the litigation department at Sullivan and Cromell, LLP in New York. His wife, Peggy Bartlett, won the Hall of Fame Distinguished Honoree in 2005, having been the first female Assistant Superintendent of Toms River Regional Schools and serving on the New Jersey State Board of Education.

Toms River Regional Schools congratulates John Bartlett as a 2007 member of the Hall of Fame.

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