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Theresa Lettman

Theresa Lettman lives and works in Ocean County, and we are all better off because of it. For the past 15 years, she has been a part of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance. The Alliance is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the preservation of the New Jersey Pinelands. Ms. Lettman is responsible for monitoring legislation that impacts the Pinelands National Reserve, and her recommendations lead to the positions taken by the Alliance. She is the project manager in charge of building a Pinelands monitoring network within the 56 municipalities of the Pinelands. In her position she also assists in educating residents about their municipal land use ordinances and how they interact with the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan. At the same time Theresa reviews all applications to state agencies for development within The Pinelands Protection Area, as well as the Pinelands CAFRA overlap area.

Ms. Lettman's contributions to the betterment of Ocean County go well beyond her employment. Her love of the environment and her goal to keep the county safe and prosperous for herself and her family led her to become involved in many activities.

Theresa is a Board Member of the Ocean County Natural Lands Trust Advisory Committee, Vice Chairperson of the Ocean County Solid Waste Advisory Council and a past Chairperson of the Manchester Township Environmental Commission. She is also a member of the ManchesterILakehurst Kiwanis and the Ocean County League of Women Voters. Since 2001, Ms. Lettman has sat on the OC Advisory Commission on the Status of Women.

Former Governor Christine Todd Whitman appointed Theresa Lettman as a Board Member of the New Jersey Natural Lands Trust in 1995. She has been reappointed to serve three terms.

During most of her school years, Theresa traveled from state to state because her father was in the military. She attended Toms River Intermediate School and then moved on to Toms River South, finally graduating from Toms River North in 1972.

Although she feels her high school years were difficult, she also feels that they must have made an impact because she "grew" roots and never left Ocean County. Ms. Lettman has a lovely daughter, Whitney, a graduate of Toms River North. It was partially Theresa's love of family that started her on her present course. When water problems threatened her home, she decided to hold firm and solve them. She never looked back and continued solving other problems here in the county.

Ms. Lettman's hard work and dedication have been recognized on several occasions. In 1998, she was named One of the Ten Most Intriguing Women in Ocean County by the Ocean County Observer. Ms. Lettman received the Women's History Month, Ocean County Committee, GAEA (Guardian of Our Environment Award). One of her more interesting achievements was being chosen for and then completing an eight month program to provide women the opportunity to become public servants called the Christine Todd Whitman Excellence in Public Service Series. Politically, she completed an unexpired term on the Manchester Township Council.

Theresa Lettman's latest honor is to be inducted into the Toms River Schools Hall of Fame as a politically active environmentalist who has dedicated a considerable part of her life to the people of Ocean County. We appreciate her dedication and commitment to the well being of the county and state we call home.

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