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Ethleen Longstreet

According to the 1880 census, Ethleen and her family were living in Toms River where she attended the "village" school.

She began teaching here in 1886. For a few years, she taught grades five and six, but most of her career spanning forty-two years was as a teacher of grade eight. It is interesting to note that the Professional Certificate was the highest level a teacher could obtain. In 1899, Miss Longstreet took the required sixteen texts. She achieved five perfect scores, scoring above ninety in the others. Other requirements for the certificate were completion of the prescribed professional reading and possession of "exceptional skill in the organization, management, and advancement of the school." The latter was determined by the county board of examiners after careful personal supervision and inspection of school work.

According to all who knew her, including many former pupils still living in Toms River today, she was an outstanding teacher. She was not only skillful and knowledgable, but had a profound and positive influence on her pupils.

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