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Jack H. Milne

As a teenager attending Toms River High School, Jack Milne was one of the East's finest interscholastic distance runners and a consistent winner in major competitions. After high school, he attended Mercersburg Academy on a scholarship where he held the mile record for many years.

He continued to win track competition for the next three years after receiving another scholarship to the University of North Carolina. During this time he captured the NCAA National Cross Country Championship in 1947. A year later, Mr. Milne was voted outstanding athlete at the university. His picture in TIME magazine, running in the snow, was captioned "Milne is a great mudder" .

After the war, Mr. Milne returned to the University of North Carolina but transferred to Seton Hall University after his junior year graduating magna cum laude in 1950.

Drafted early in World War II, he became an officer in the Air Corps serving as a recreation officer and arranging for visits to the corps by headline entertainers, also arranging athletic events.

Mr. Milne then rejoined the Air Force to serve in the Korean War, reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel. While in Korea, Mr. Milne was the only athlete abroad selected to return to the United States to compete in the 1952 Olympic trials. He competed in the pentathlon (horseback riding, fencing, shooting, swimming, and a l2-mile run). He returned to Korea to complete his tour of duty when he did not make the Olympic team.

After the war, Mr. Milne studied engineering at Temple University where he later taught evening classes. He started in business as a general contractor and eventually served for more than 30 years as president of Jack H. Milne Co. based in Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania.

Mr. Milne remained active in sports all his life. He continually scouted for star athletes, particularly runners and swimmers, helping them obtain scholarships. He also became very involved in supporting water polo since his two sons competed and also in swimming which his three daughters pursued. His sons became All American in water polo.

As a charter member of the Mid-Atlantic Athletics Congress, Mr. Milne helped to develop national awards given by the Athletic Congress of U.S.A. and served as president of the Mid-Atlantic AAU and Chairman of its Officials Training Committee. He was secretary of the National Indoor Track Meet Directors Association, Over the years, Mr. Milne received many honors including a gold watch for service to the Penn Relays; the Fred Schmertz Officials trophy for long and meritorious service; the Jesse Owens Award in 1986; the Middle Atlantic Athletic Congress Raymond G. Davis, Jr. Award in 1988; and the Presidential Award of the Athletic Congress.

helping to plan major meets in the u.s. and abroad. He was also Chairman of the National Women's Track and Field Committee. During the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles Mr. Milne served as a track and field official.

Mr. Milne was a member of the James E. Sullivan Award Committee which recognizes non-professional athletes and was a trustee for West Park Hospital in Philadelphia for many years. He also served as a board member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Jack Milne died September 25, 1988, in Blue Bell, Pa. According to his family, he always considered Toms River his home and asked to have his ashes scattered over Toms River after he passed away.

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