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Ellen Estomin

Ellen Estomin attended the Toms River Schools beginning in 1951 at the Toms River Grade School. She continued her education at the Toms River Intermediate School and graduated from Toms River High School in 1964. Ms. Estomin credits many of her teachers for guiding her to be an autonomous learner. She was encouraged to pursue other avenues of creative interest apart from the academic arena. Perhaps one of the most influential lessons she assimilated into her future endeavors was acknowledgement of the responsibility of giving back to society; making schools places of learning, friendship and community. Certainly this sense of caring and responsibility played a role of paramount importance in the career path Ms. Estomin has chosen.

In 1968, Ms. Estomin graduated from Montclair State College, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Correction as well as in Speech and Theater Arts. She continued her studies at the University of Pittsburgh where in 1973 she attained her Master of Arts degree in Speech Pathology. That same year she earned her Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. In 1975 Ms. Estomin earned a Special Education Supervisory Certificate from the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently pursuing continuing education opportunities. Ms. Estomin received the ASHA Award for Continuing Education in 1999.

Ms. Estomin has been employed by the .Pittsburgh Public Schools for over 30 years since beginning in 1969. She has had a tremendous impact in several areas of the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Her many responsibilities have included Special Education Specialist: Speech/Language in the Program for Students with Exceptionalities, Supervisory Instructional Specialist: SpeechlLanguage, Instructional Advisor: Speech/Language, and Speech and Language Specialist. Currently, she is the Administrator and Supervisor for the Speech/Language Therapy Program.

In her capacity as Special Education Supervisor, Ms. Estomin supervises over 65 SpeechlLanguage Pathologists, inclusive of all staff completing the Clinical Fellowship year. She further serves as arbiter for the program quality of a caseload of 3,000-4,000 students with communication impairments. As Clinical Instructor at the University of Pittsburgh, she supervises a clinic each week at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Ms. Estomin is a clinical mentor to first year graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh, as well.

Ms. Estomin's professional memberships include the American-Speech- Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), National Association of Elementary School Principals, and the Pennsylvania Association of School Supervisors of Speech- Language-Hearing-Programs (PASS). She has sewed as speaker of the ASHA Legislative Council since 1999 and president of the Pennsylvania Speech-Language- Hearing Association (PSHA) and Southwestern Pennsylvania Speech-Language- Hearing Association (SWPSHA).

Ms. Estomin is held in high esteem by all who have had the privilege to work with her. Her assistance has been invaluable and her expertise and helpful guidance have been appreciated by the universities fortunate to have benefited from her clinical training programs. Ms.Estomin has worked with universities such as Clarion, Duquesne, Edinboro, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Additionally, this dedicated professional has explored research opportunities in cooperation with the Faculty of the University of Pittsburgh and Howard University. Her vast array of honors and awards include SWPSHA Honors of the Association, Duquesne University Certificate of Recognition for Community Service, PSHA Honors of the Association, and Leadership Pittsburgh Class XVIII.

Ms. Estomin has always maintained a desire to give back to the community both locally and internationally. Her impressive list of presentations and the pace she maintains is awe-inspiring. Significant presentations include Balanced Literacy, Learning Classrooms, The Role of the Speech/Language therapist in the Public School, No Child Left Behind, and Clinicians' Round Table: Managing Change in Educational Settings. Her path has taken her as far away as South Africa, where she presented Multicultural Service Delivery and Interactions. She was Keynote Speaker and Teaching Faculty for the Governor's Institute for Educator Partnerships in Reading.

Perhaps Ms. Estomin's greatest success has been her ability to inspire and lead her colleagues and future aspirants in her field. She is admired by all who have had the honor to receive her guidance and contributions. Countless students will lead a life greatly enhanced by the impact of Ms. Estomin's efforts and caring. Countless speech therapists and teachers will continue their work with renewed zeal after being inspired by their influential mentor. It is with great pride that the Toms River Schools Hall of Fame honors Ellen Estomin for her worthy contributions to the field of speech and language education.

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