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Students in teacher Jennifer Fazzini's (left) class at High School East created children's book about biology, which they then had illustrated by students at Cedar Grove Elementary School.

Dec. 19, 2022-- Honors biology students in Jennifer Fazzini's-- High School East's Teacher of the Year-- class recently completed their cell unit during the first marking period. Their task: writing a children's book to help teach elementary school aged children about some of the concepts that were taught throughout the unit. Their story needed to teach readers some of the concepts of science and biology while being engaging and comprehensible.

But that wasn't all. To have the books aesthetically reflect their intended audience, Fazzini's class decided to have students at Cedar Grove Elementary School illustrate the manuscripts. Last week, High School East students visited some fifth-grade Proud Patriots at Cedar Grove to finalize their book collaboration.

"Having our students illustrate these books was an experience that was fun and educational," said Cedar Grove Principal Stacey Monetti, "and that's the best combination!"

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