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Grievance Procedure

Any student, parent, teacher, administrator, or staff member who has a complaint involving affirmative action may contact any of the following agencies for information:

District Affirmative Action Officers as follows:

  • Mr. James Ricotta, Jr. - Assistant Superintendent
  • Dr. Megan I Osborn, Director of Human Resources
  • Ms. Wendy Rozwadowski-Dravis- Documentation and reports
  • Mr. Jeffrey Ryan - Documentation and reports
  • Mr. James Cleveland - Student grievances and/or procedures
  • Mr. Jason Julio - Student grievances and/or procedures 
  • Mr. Michael Kenny - Faculty and staff grievances and/or procedures
  • Ms. Heather Pentifalo - Grievances/reports/ web page management
  • Ms. Adrienne Gold - Textbook Review
  • Ms. Carol Scran - Staff Grievances

For information regarding New Jersey Title 6:

New Jersey Division of Civil Rights, Sixth Floor, 104 E. Front Street, P.O. Box 090, Trenton, NJ 08625-0090

(609) 292-4605 

For information regarding Federal Title IX:

US Office for Civil Rights, Region II, US Department of Education, 32 Old Slip, 26th Floor, New York, NY 10005-2500

(646) 428-3900

Equity in Education

Federal and State law prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender, race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, affectional or sexual orientation (real or perceived) age, marital status, disability or social or economic status.

New Jersey Title 6 (Equality in Educational Programs) requires that all school districts submit the following to the Commissioner of Education:

  1. Resolution of Equal Educational Opportunity
  2. Affirmative Action Plan for School and Classroom Practices which deals with equal opportunity within the school setting (generally those areas involving the district's "Educational Opportunity" Policy).
  3. Affirmative Action Plan for Employment/Contract Practices, which deals with equal opportunity and contractual vendor relationships.

District Officers

Mr. James Ricotta, Jr. (732) 505-5500

Dr. Megan I.Osborn (732) 505-5500

Ms. Wendy Rozwadowski-Dravis (732) 505-5920

Mr. Jeffrey Ryan  (732) 505-5910

Mr. Michael Kenny (732) 505-5500

Ms. Heather Pentifallo (732) 505-5734

Mr. James Cleveland (732) 505-5775

Mr. Jason Julio (732) 505-5775

Ms. Adrienne Gold (732) 505-5665

Ms. Carol Scran (732) 505-5500