2018-2019 Clubs and Activities

Meets every other Wednesday in D103

Meets Tuesdays in B6A

Meets Wednesdays in B5.

Meets Thursdays (2x's a month) in C19.

Meets Monday and Wednesdays beginning in Oct. in d105

Meets Tuesdays in B6B.

Meets Thursdays in B1

Meets Thursdays in C4

Meets Mondays in the cafe. 7th & 8th grades only.

Meets Monday through Thursday in the IMC. A pass from an Academic Teacher is required. 

Meets every other week on Thursdays in C11

Meets Mondays in C9

Cheer meets Daily

Listen for Daily Announcements. 

Art Clubs meets Thursdays in Room B2

Sept. to Jan. is 7th & 8th Grades

Feb. to June is for 6th Grades