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Seminole Guidance

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The counseling program at TRIS is designed to assist our students in making the most of his or her educational experience. Our student’s counselor is concerned about their emotional well-being, academic progress, and personal and social development. The following activities are offered by the counseling program at TRIS:

• Individual and group counseling

• Facilitation of Parent/Teacher/Student conferences

• Periodic classroom presentations related to positive, personal growth and development.

• Provide appropriate and current information on education planning and careers 


Grades 6-8  Last Names - A -K

Grades 6 - 8 Last names L - S


Grades 6 - 8 Last name T - Z

Homework Requests

If your student is going to be or has been out for 3 or more days please call 732-505-3900 ext 4 and speak to the Guidance Secretary to request homework. You can also email the Guidance Secretary to request homework. Please allow 24 hours for the work to be gathered and brought down by teachers. We ask that parents call prior to coming in to pick up the work so we can make sure that there is something here to be picked up. Please arrive prior to 3:15 when coming in to pick up homework. 

Guidance Secretary email: