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Faculty save during bball game
In true faculty fashion, hustle leads to a save and pass to a teammate during High School East's student versus faculty basketball game Dec. 9. That type of effort led to a victory for faculty, which earned a 66-41 win, despite relentless roasting from the largely pro-student home crowd. 

Dont quit your day jobs crowd sign

Dec. 12, 2022-- High School East hosted a student versus faculty basketball game Friday night, Dec. 9, and by all accounts it was a super fun and competitive evening. Students came out to support their peers, as did the families of staff members who had exchanged lesson plans for game plans. Faculty earned the win, but the final score didn't matter nearly as much as the good vibes and school spirit that the game helped foster.  

All photos courtesy of High School East's Allison Goodwin.

clipboard break

clipboard break 2

student coach on sidleines
HSE senior Meghan Donovan, who coached the student side, couldn't hide her frustration with the team's performance, shattering her clipboard into multiple pieces. Thankfully for her, faculty will probably have to pay for that.